About Us

Corporate Philosophy

OAS Global Logistics Freight Forwarder Malaysia     "A commitment to serve" This has been  Safety World Delivery Service motto ever since its inception in 1976. Putting the customer first has always been the mainstay of our business as we depend on them for our growth, which has enabled us to rapidly expand over the past 30 years. Our main concern has always been fast, reliable and efficient transportation of your goods. We grow towards giving our customers the best service possible in the shortest period time.

      Save Way Delivery And Logistics provides unparallel air and sea shipping from freight forwarding and custom agency services to all levels of international and domestic requirements of documentation, storage, reservations, custom clearance and a cast multitude of other service co-ordinated, air and sea shipping services. We have international and experienced world-wide partners who are freight forwarders and custom brokers. Though this extensive far reaching network,  Safety World Delivery Service can provide complete air and sea transportation services to and from any place in the world.

Transport & Cargo Services

OAS Global Logistics Freight Forwarder Malaysia     Safety World Delivery Service has a distinct advantage over most other forwarders as it has an operations office and bonded warehouse adjacent to the bonded cargo terminal inside the airport vicinity. Therefore we are placed strategically to take care of the immediate needs of our much valued customers with fast efficient service. We are equipped to handle all kinds of cargo and are prepared with the right machinery for the right job at the right time. The capacity of  Safety World Delivery Service in distribution services and warehousing in extensive. We have sufficient overall facilities to ensure that all cargo irrespective of their nature and bulk is handled with absolute efficiency. Save Way Delivery And Logistics deals with all major carriers and this gives them greater credibility and a sharp competitive edge as we have the perfect choice of carriers tailor made to suit the customers needs.

     In pursuit of excellence and efficiency Save Way Delivery And Logistics personnel are all highly trained and motivated individual who are knowledgeable and dedicated to the highest standards of quality services. With an employee base reaching almost a 100 trained personnel today, Save Way Delivery And Logistics has the correct machinery and set-up to deal with your everyday needs. Save Way Delivery And Logistics is proud to say that we have come a long way from 1976.


     Our communication and information dissemination network is second to none. Powered by the IPAC Freight Net System which is developed on a successful and well supported IBM Mid-Range System environment, it is designed by professionals who have wealth of experience, in freight forwarding systems. The result is fast, precise control of every aspect of cargo operations and accounting - no matter the size of your business we can put your goods at the right destination - fast!

     Safety World Delivery Service Freight Net System has a linkup with Trade Net which is a nationwide Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) System which allows various interested parties from private and public sector to exchange structured trade documents and information you require at the touch of a button.

OAS Global Logistics Freight Forwarder Malaysia     So Freight Net is not just technically ahead of the crowd, it works for you and your business at the kind of direct down-to-earth level that very few software systems can hope to get close to.

     As members of the AirFreight Forwarder Assocaition of Malaysia (AFAM), we pride ourself as a leading locally-owned freight forwarder who knows best on how to service the clients' needs. So if you are thinking of AIR or SEA shipping, now is the time to think of Save Way Delivery And Logistics.